Demand for Tahfiz Schools – Hajah Asral Widad Ahmad Asnawi

I am a mother of seven children, five boys and two girls. Two of my children are huffaz, which means that they have completed memorization of the entire Qur’an and one is in progress of memorization. My three youngest children are being trained in Raudhatul Huffaz, a non-governmental tahfiz and tuition organization I founded in 2014. Raudhatul Huffaz currently has 53 branches nationwide including rural Sabah and Sarawak, catering to more than 987 primary level students per year. 50% of the total students are funded by the surplus income of Raudhatul Huffaz. Raudhatul Huffaz was set up with the objective of producing future leaders inculcated with the culture of excellence and love for the Noble Qur’an. We aim to inspire children to achieve high standards, emulating the intellectual gian...

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