Concern On The Impact Of LGBTQ+ Demands In Malaysia – Nur Farihah Meor Mazli

In Malaysia, some LGBTQ+ individuals are trying to make others see them as “normal” and now to an extent, wanting for legalization of same-sex and gender-neutral conduct in every aspect of life.

We have not seen such liberal settings in Malaysia for decades but unfortunately the current situation has changed due to the extreme way they see modernization which mostly affects younger children. A fair portion of the LGBTQ+ community living in Malaysia do not want to be merely acknowledged, they also demand for legal recognition with an agenda.

Hence, it is no coincidence that even Kuala Lumpur lawyers committees had organized a webinar discussing on the rights of non-binary, gay and queer persons at workplace, last month. The appearance of Gene Tan, Nadia Gideon, and Bakhtiar Talhah who self-confessed as lesbian, queer and gay respectively as their invited speakers asserts that even a respected legal body like Kuala Lumpur Bar supports LGBT normalization.

A depressing pattern by the pro-LGBTQ speakers is seen when they keep on pushing our country’s legislators to make significant amendments to the Federal Constitution and Penal Code when proposing for the abolishment of Section 377 & 377A (offence of sodomy).

Their main issue is to analyze whether our country can accept LGBTQA+ individuals in the working sector. Undoubtedly everyone should enjoy the rights provided in Article 5(1) and 8(2) of the Constitution which the latter affirms that all persons regardless of gender are equal before the law, entitled to the equal protection of the law and cannot be discriminated.

There is nothing in this Article or the whole Constitution which expressly states that LGBTQ+ individuals can be discriminated in any areas of employment or refrained from rights to acquire property (among others).

Although previous lawmakers have left a wide loophole by excluding a direct interpretation of ‘gender’, it should not be an excuse for postmodernist liberals to abuse the whole context of our Constitution which upholds the importance of Islam as the religion of the Federation and other traditional Eastern beliefs.

It is impossible for an employer to provide a safe & balanced environment for everyone at the workplace since each group from LGBQTA+ has different needs & demands. For example, the proposal for gender-neutral bathrooms.

Most importantly, the outcome of this gender debate could severely affect schools’ administration and religious institutions. Should we let our children be taught by school teachers with distorted ideas on sexuality or mosques be led by a Queer or Gay imam in future?

Many of the progressive members of the society are beginning to adjust their lives according to the Western values although it does not fit to any of the directions placed by our Federal Constitution. Same sex marriages and dissolution of gender norms are contrary to Islam and the long traditions of our conservative citizen. Codifying LGBT+ lifestyle as a civil right will only destroy the well-being of family institutions and education system.

Majority of us treasure and preserve conservative values in our family units so that future generations would grow as respected human beings and healthy people without the risk of contracting any critical disease.

I’m afraid if the presumptuous demands of these LGBT+ individuals are not constrained, the days of raising our family, running our business and living our own faith will come to an end.

Nur Farihah Meor Mazli
Youth & Media Exco, International Women’s Alliance for Family Institution & Quality Education (WAFIQ)
Director of Media, Malaysian Alliance of Civil Society Organisations in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process (MACSA)

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